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About me

I’m an applied anthropologist, writer and creative entrepreneur who is inspired by uncovering “why” and “how” humans do what they do in order to enhance the lives of everyday people. I believe human-centered research is a tool that can be used to inspire learning and innovation, and be a catalyst for positive societal change.

I'm really good at connecting the dots between seemingly unrelated ideas, behaviors and interactions so that I can understand nuanced behavior and associations of meaning in order to innovate and connect. I am passionate about combining the research methods I developed while studying anthropology with design practices in order to create ethically sustainable and accessible products and experiences for people with a variety of lifestyles, abilities and needs.

If I'm not writing or doing research, you'll likely find me working on my passion project, Otherworld Wellness, exploring near and far, with loved ones or curled up a good book.


Shoot me an email. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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