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A select number of creative projects inspired by anthropological and design theories, literature, my love of nature and my personal experience.

Otherworld Wellness:

I founded this company in late 2020. The goal is to empower others to lead healthy lives and balance the nervous system by integrating seasonal nature connection practices and herbal medicine into one's health and wellness routine. I integrate my passions of anthropology, yoga and herbalism with modern wellness practices and emerging trends to create offerings that include: seasonal health and nature connection workshops, herbal remedies + and private consultations virtually and in-person across the US, All marketing, design, photos, informational materials, classes and recipes, packaging are developed by Cayla Sweeney and these images are intended to show the evolution of product design, logo, packaging and marketing materials based upon experience design practices

AutoEthno_CSMZCayla Sweeney
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Experimental Auto-Ethnography:

Through ethnographic research, the interviewee is consistently made vulnerable to the perspectives and framing of narrative by the interviewer but this experience is almost always one sided and heavily framed by the researchers own perspective and perception. While the creation of a somewhat subjective narrative can never be completely removed from any ethnographic work, this is an attempt at exposing the back-end research process, and attempt to have the interviewer share in the vulnerability of ethnographic work by including field notes and internal dialogues/reactions related to the interview process and experience. The interview was recorded by me in 2017 and 2018 using a Tascam DR-40 and Garageband and was mixed in 2020 by David Dalton of Driftwork Sound

Time + Space Series:

Anthropological studies of space and place recognize that landscape, space and the body represent important sites for cultural meaning, social and political memory, and public discourse. This series is the fruit of those concepts as it related to my personal experience and interest in seasonal nature connection. Made using an iphone and Afterlight.

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