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Understanding Your Audience:
Strategizing for Nonprofit Partnerships
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My Role: Research

Team: Researcher, Customer Success Manager, Director of Member Success, Product Development


Project Overview: The constituent analysis report was one service offering for non-profit clients at the startup and provided psychographic analysis and persona development of the nonprofit’s constituent base. The purpose of this report was to help nonprofits understand their constituents in order to develop strategic corporate partnerships that align with their members. I used a number of tools to obtain this information, including but not limited to, qualitative interviews, quantitative surveys and focus groups, Sysomos, Spotright, Demographics data and our own platform's algorithm to garner these insights. I joined the customer success manager on client calls to deliver these complex insights into simple terms. During these calls, I would also obtain feedback from customers regarding the UI and functionality of our platform, which I would share with the product team during our weekly product sprints. *Anonymous client


Methods Overview: This project included over 80 hours of research using our proprietary database which is an aggregate from a variety of sources, including licensed data from Simmons, Census Reports, Tax Returns, Purchasing Data, Social Listening, etc. as well as focus groups, and interviews.

Solutions Overview: The outcome this analysis was for us to work with the client to establish new corporate partnerships and fundraising campaigns that align with their constituent demographics and behaviors. 


  • To establish partnerships with relevant corporations and develop strategic fundraising campaigns that align with their constituent base.

  • To understand constituent behaviors, brand affinities, demographics, geographic location and more

  • To increase sponsorship and impact across the board

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Methods & Tools



I compared the proprietary database findings to insights garnered through qualitative methods such as client interviews, focus groups, and observation in order to develop a final client slide deck.












I developed surveys and collected and analyzed data using our proprietary software database which is aggregated data from a variety of sources, including licensed data from Simmons, Census Reports, Tax Returns, Purchasing Data, Social Listening, etc. The database includes 300 million consumer records, 40 billion social connections, and 100 million nonprofit records and profiles.

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Key Insights

  • The primary persona of this nonprofit’s base is a middle-aged female who is significantly more influential than the average nonprofit customer and is interested in her local community and politics.

  • She is highly active on social media, averaging four accounts.

  • She is 2.4x more likely than the average nonprofit customer to work a white-collar job.

  • She 70% more likely to listen to NPR than the average nonprofit customer.

  • More than 50% of constituents are based in Texas




  • Establish corporate partnerships and ad campaigns based in Texas, Oregon and D.C., where there is the highest concentration of the nonprofit's constituent base

  • Establish partnerships with local companies and NPR corporate sponsors

  • Target ad time on NPR and news media outlets to reach your constituent base

  • Create a running/biking fundraiser

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